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ICSecurity provides Practical Industrial Cyber security services.

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15+ Years of experience in Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Industrial Cyber security within the Oil and Gas Industry.

additional many years experience from IT operations and the Electrical field.

ICSecurity provides practical Industrial Cyber Security services, no more no less.

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Our mission is to provide Practical Industrial cyber security advisory and Secure by design products to keep production companies safe from Cyber Threats.

Expo's in 2021

ICSecurity participated in the InsightIT Industrial Security Conference in Copenhagen 15-16-17 Nov.

ICSecurity was present at the Infosec Expo in Copenhagen 2021, Thanks to everybody attending this event.

ICSecurity was present at the EOT Expo in Herning, Denmark

Thanks to all the people who stopped by, had a chocolate and discussed Industrial Cyber security with me.

EU NIS2 Directive

The EU NIS2 Directive. It's coming fast and hard, Introducing Heavy Fines(similar to what is now in effect for the GDPR) for a wide array of Companies, if they do not implement a Risk based Cybersecurity program etc., the Legislation is expected to be fully enforced medio 2023 so now is the time to prepare yourself. Your Company's Industrial Systems require Cyber Security attention whether you are aware or not!.

But no Need to Panic, Let ICSecurity help you embrace NIS2.

The Proposed NIS2 Directive is avaliable here


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Real practical OT/ICS experience. you cannot beat that ;)

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